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The Susanna Cox Academy of Dance has been teaching the joy of dance in Crowborough for over 20 years.

We teach a wide range of styles, from Ballet, Modern and Tap, right through to line-dancing, and wedding dance choreography.


Susanna Cox Academy Ballet Lessons in Crowborough


Age groups: 2.5 years to adult 

Methods: Cecchetti, Professional Teachers of Dancing

We primarily teach Italian Cecchetti Ballet, a method known for its fluid movement, graceful arm lines, and for being a favourite of many prima ballerinas including Darcy Bussell and Dame Monica Masson. Cecchetti puts the focus on building in technique and musicality from a young age whilst still keeping a balance of performance and enjoyment aspects through improvisation and choreographed dances. Our ballet classes are designed not only to teach good co-ordination, posture, and elegance but should build a strong sense of discipline and focus which is transferable throughout all aspects of life.

Susanna has been teaching ballet for over 20 years, and holds many prestigious qualification, including being Licenciate of the Imperial Society of Teachers of Dancing (L.I.S.T.D)