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The Susanna Cox Academy of Dance has been teaching the joy of dance in Crowborough for over 20 years.

We teach a wide range of styles, from Ballet, Modern and Tap, right through to line-dancing, and wedding dance choreography.

Modern Jazz

Susanna Cox Academy Ballet Lessons Crowborough

Modern Jazz

Age groups: 4 years - adult

Methods:  Professional teachers of dancing

This fun and friendly class could be exactly what you're looking for if your child wants to dance but you're not sure ballet is for them. The lessons focus on exercises that develop strong technical foundations, essential for movements such as leaps and turns, and short routines, where the focus is placed on the stylistic and performance aspects of dance.

The PTD Jazz syllabus we teach leans away from the rigid structure found in ballet and more towards a combination of Muscial Theatre and street dance styles that many of us a familiar with today.